Product Performance


Lightweight, durable and non-rust
Gutter is made from high quality aluminum , durable weather of the sun and acid rain. No rust throughout the lifespan

Best Color
Gutter is made from Aluminum which will be painted and treated by Powder Coating to prevent scratch, sunlight and humidity.

Long lifetime
The aluminium guttering system will last for 40 years with the correct maintenance.

Gutter system installed with hidden hook hanging rails and design of each piece. Finely blends seamlessly connected as part of the home.

International standard
All are fully equipped with international standard. The production process is intricate. The installation is easy, that saves you more time.

Drain quickly
Rain gutters can accommodate large quantities and drain quickly.

Aluminium gutter is 100% recyclable

Types of G-PARADISE Aluminium Guttering Systems


90 Degree Corner

Drop outlet connected with downspout

Gutter hanger

Downspout clip, attached to the building