Doors & Windows fence, Folding Security Gates is another product that research and development by engineering team of 108 Home Design company limited will be extend the idea from folding doors in the past. The design will emphasis on the variety of application . Not only folding doors but also windows or block panel , trolley etc., by using design that easy and comfortable for using , easy for assemble and installment. It has the supplement equipment to make more strength , more safety. The material and structure will integrate with mild steel, aluminum profile, handle and other accessories will produce from stainless steel or other metals. We have petty patent registration for technique and special equipment with the Development of intellectual property. So do not worry about products imitation.

Our SAFETY-JO Products


Why Safety-Jo Folding Security Gates is better?

1. Wheel track system

Wheel track system, both upper and lower track is the new innovation that help on folded of doors & windows for Safety – Jo to slide smoothly and not wobble(ball bearing sliding door hanger: CITY300)

2. Manufacturing System

Safety-Jo Folding Security Gates manufacturing system with pins. It’s stronger than rivet.

3. Iron rust coating process

SAFETY-JO steel through iron rust coating process. We tested by the steel in sea water, storm water and tap water for a period of one month is experimental of SAFETY-JO steel does not rust or corrode.

Powder Coating

The Design technique including production and installment process are very easy and can do in the big amount. All products from the factory made by high technology machine. The powder coating system can do in many colors upto the customer.