KÖFEN: Insect Screens


Insect Screen System from KÖFEN are made of premium grade material, rail was made of extruded aluminum with fins inside to strengthen the screen structure. It is power coated with baked oven to ensure the quality of coated color. Colors are selectable to match the color of window and door frames.

All mechanic components were made of stainless steel and nylon with light weighting and non coorosion.

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Screen for Insect Screen System from KÖFEN was made of Polyester-Fiberglass, which is strong, light weight, and hard to tear. Screen was come in a piece of 1 mm diameter hole punched fabric, all holes are equal in size, good for ventilation and clear view when look through the insect screen. Screen fabric is tighted without discolor or loose shape problems.

KÖFEN provides variety of functions for Insect Screen to fit all requirements e.g. roller screen, pleated screen, sliding screen and casement screen.