Pleated Insect Screen


KÖFEN pleated insect screen system is modern and perfect for all types of doors and windows. Sizes can range up to 4 meters per side and a height of 3 meters. To use, simply Gently pull handles.The screened hidden, it will slide out. Very smooth and soft.

KÖFEN pleated insect screens are the insect screens with similarity to roller insect screens except the screens part that was pleated with high heat. With pleated screens, it gives better wind withstand ability than the non-pleat screens fabric. Pleated on fabric will not loose from its shape as it was pleated with high heat.

Large size doors bring in more wind than the small bays, therefore, it requires better performance insect screens to withstand the wind.

Properties of pleated insect screen


1. Frame made from Aluminum Grade A Processed Powder coating is peeling paint and rust.

2. Fabrics made from Polypropylene are very durable.

3. The new version of rails has a sling to increase the strength of the nets.

4. Firmly lock with magnetic system. Against mosquitoes and insects through 100%.

Types of KÖFEN Pleated Insect Screen


1. Pleated Insect Screens with rail.
This style is perfect for windows and doors. To install, a bottom rail of 2.0 cm wide and 1.2 cm high will be attached.

2. Pleated Insect Screens without rail.
This style is perfect for very large doors or sliding partition. Pleated mosquito screen can be separated into many small pieces. After use, all pleated net are kept in aluminum frame. Pleated mosquito screen for doors doesn’t need any bottom rail. When it’s not in use, the caterpillar rail bottom will be neatly hidden in the provided space on its side, so only slim guide rail of 3 mm height. Without any doorsill or bottom rail, it provides you convenience and safety.